Profile Width
Number of Chambers
Air Diffusion Ability
(m3/h cm)
Sound Isolation
Heat Isolation Coefficient
(W/m 20 K)
75 6 0,30 37 1,40
  • Window glazing in thickness from 3 mm through 40 mm can be applied.
  • It is not affected from sunlight and external effects and not subject to deformation; and completely sealed thanks to specially designed black EPDM seal.
  • Inclination by 15º and 35ºon the profile surface facilitates water discharge.
  • No water leak after rain.
  • Thanks to its specially designed water channel, outward inclination by 9º and water collection reservoir, it ensures discharge of water and moisture easily.
  • The difference in height between the outer wall and inner wall in the water discharge conduits prevents ingress of the discharged rainwater by the wind effect. Furthermore, these channels which are not in contact with the reinforcement steel part ensure ventilation.
  • As hinge screw is directly driven in to the hinge reinforcement steel, there is no risk of sash sacking.
  • Glazing bead profiles are inclined by 15º and, therefore, make pressure on the glazing surface to make it more stabilized and no dust accumulates on it.
  • Tabs under the profile ensure easy mounting and removal, good balance during mounting and reduction of heat transfer, operating in harmony with all detailed profiles as well.
  • As the profiles are reinforced with specially designed, double-groove and galvanized single type of reinforcement sheets, their resistance against external loads is very high.
  • It provides ample solutions for window panes in different thickness with 4 glazing bead profiles, namely, single, 20 mm double, 24 mm double and 32 mm triple glazing bead profiles. And it is also possible to apply all other mountings.
  • As all main profiles have at least 5 chambers, they provide excellent heat insulation.

Window Pattern Options

Golden Oak
Aluminium Brush Effect
Silver Brush Effect
Steel Blue
Dark Oak
Dark Green
Cream White
Eiche Rustical
Silver D (Silver Grey)