Gathering with East - South East, Blacksea - Central Anatolia and Aegean-Mediterranean Fıratpen Winhouse and Gedizpen dealers respectively, Fırat visited historical and touristic places of İstanbul together with its dealers after the seminar.

Going beyond the conventional seminar understanding and combining training, culture, recreation and bonding in an excellent way, the program included historical and touristic places of İstanbul and they were introduced by the guides for three days each week.

On the first day of the program, Fırat held a seminar with regard to the developments in the sector in “Yusuf Ziya Demir Conference Hall” with750 people capacity, located within its own facilities.

Sharing important details concerning the sector in those three separate seminars, Fırat Profile Marketing Manager M. Erdal Karakaş made such a detailed sector evaluation for the first time.Karakaş, emphasized he has no doubt that the Sector will continue to exist for extended years and addressed the young population of the country as basis for that thesis.“There are still 17,000,000 students in secondary education in Turkey.If you add 0-7 age group, university students and newly graduated youth, we shall remember that we have a youth potential with a population of 25,000,000.We can consider how promising the future of our sector is when taking the fact that the necessity of ‘having a job, getting married and having a good house’ emerge in the following 5-10 years.” and pointed out that the dealers shall consider such findings healthily, stating that he is hopeful about the future of the sector.Evaluating the future of 2011 construction sector, Mr. Karakaş stated “Construction sector constitutes 6% of the 2010 GDP.However, when we consider sub-sectors into consideration -this means 200 separate business branches - this rate reaches to the level of 35%.” and emphasized the importance of the sector.

Quality Engineer Ahmet Koltuk emphasized the importance of “Unknown features of windows and impact on the environment” and stated that the dealers shall be more sensitive about the issue.

Fırat Profile Technical Coordinator İsmail Kandemir made a presentation concerning “Most frequent questions asked by dealers in meetings held until now and sensitivity in the applications”.

Upon completion of the seminar program, the first day ended with the Bosporus trip and then the dinner held with the dealers.

On Saturday, which is the second day of the program, visits were organized to Topkapı Palace, Panorama 1453, Miniatürk and historical and touristic places around Sultanahmet accompanied with a professional guide.Having dinner at a fish restaurant in the evening, the dealers went back to their home towns in the following morning.