Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation

One of the most important factors affecting the comfort and health in our homes and workplaces is the noise pollution. Especially in big cities and areas with busy traffic, sound insulation is very important. Windows have an important role in the exposure of buildings to outdoor environment. In accordance with the Regulation on Assessment of Environmental Sound, the maximum sound levels in the housing for the purpose of creating a healthy environment are given below

Area of Use dBA Time Frame
Bedrooms (inner city) 40 During night
Bedrooms (country) 35 During night
Living Rooms (inner city) 55 During the day and evening
Living Rooms (country) 40 During the day and evening
Living Rooms (suburbs) 45 During the day and evening
Kitchen (inner city, country, suburbs) 60 During the activity

These are the maximum levels of the ordinary sound intensity. It is possible to increase the quality of our living space by achieving lower values for such sound intensity.

You can find the sound intensity around you based on the location of your home from the table below;

Sound intensity ( dB ) Number of vehicles per hour (vehicle / hour) Distance to Road (m) Class
50 10 - 50 > 35 1
51 – 55 10 – 50 25 – 35 2
56 – 60 10 – 200 25 – 35 3
61 – 65 1000 – 3000 100 – 300 4
66 – 70 1000 – 3000 30 – 100 5
> 70 3000 – 5000 > 100 6

The location of your home and sound levels of this place should be measured before the window assembly and type of window and glazing to be chosen for a healthy environment should be determined. Fıratpen Redonit 85, Selenit 75, Selenit Privia 75, Power 75 and Zenia Slide offers perfect sound insulation with appropriate glazing choice for your living spaces which are exposed to high level of outdoor sound.

Heat Insulation

The most important and expensive source in our country and in the world is energy. 75% of the energy which is largely imported from abroad is used in the homes for the purpose of heating. When buildings are designed, insulation value is one of the most important performance criteria of each construction component. In buildings, the most critical points which separate the indoors from outdoors are windows. If the insulation values of the windows which we use in our homes are not appropriate, nearly 30% of the energy is lost to outdoors. Fıratpen, knowing how important this is, has determined heat transfer coefficient value as the most important parameter while designing all the profile systems. While the profiles are being designed, their heat insulation values are calculated via simulations made in digital medium and profile size and number of chambers are designed in accordance with such values.

PVC window systems offer the advantage of high insulation due to the advantage offered by its raw material when compared to its competitor aluminum and wooden windows. Up to three times better insulation can be achieved with a quality PVC window system. Due to this reason projects should be created and the windows should be subjected to an engineering study just like the pvc profiles depending on the climate conditions of the area in which they are to be installed and the type of glazing or even window sizes.

Fıratpen provides practical information about the works to be carried out in the trainings held at the points of sales and carries out inspections.