Number of
Number of
Seal Profile
Heat Insulation
Heat Insulation
80 mm 3 (Middle Sealing) 6 TPE Grey/Black Uf: 1,02 W/m2 ºK UW: 0,91 W/m2 ºK
Air Permeability
Wind Load
40 dB 4 9A C3


Elegance 80 systems is providing more than the desired performance over a window; it carries the quality to the highest point by combining insulation, power, and aesthetic criteria and becomes a new solution partner for the projects. While it provides the perfect heat insulation with 80 mm wide profiles, a design with 6 chambers and a triple sealing system, is specially designed for the discharge of water from outer environment. Full insulation of the middle seal was provided by sloping sash design.

Its special design which provides superior durability against high wind load on high-rise buildings. Thanks to its wide mullion profile it provides excellent performance without need for any additional profiles suchlike grillage.


Window production meeting various aesthetic and decorative expectations is possible with 21 different lamination color options. Different color foils can be used, inside and outside, depending on the building facades and indoor decoration. While wooden laminate options provide traditional wood aesthetics; it is also possible to build the windows with different shades of grey, mainly anodized grey and anthracite and provide a consistent aluminum look. Elegance 80 system, thanks to its sharp and wide edges, is a product that fits to the modern buildings and raises their values and provides savings through the heat insulation.


  • All profiles are 80 mm wide.
  • t’s designed as 6 chambered.
  • Triple sealed.
  • To provide full insulation of the middle seal, sashes are sloped.
  • 100% water impermeability is provided with discharging water from inner and outer sides of the middle seal through water draining system on frame.
  • t conforms to 13 axis espagnolette system.
  • It is designed in such a manner to easily produce a solution for all architectural details with its detailed and auxiliary profiles.

Wind Load Resistance

  • Elegance system is designed pursuant to 3.000 Pa (245 km/h) safety test on wind load and 600 Pa (110 km/h) water impermeability strength test and it has successfully passed these tests.
  • During the design stage of Elegance 80 system, shape of reinforcement steels, their locations in the profile, and the maximum wind load that the existing structures may be exposed to, were all considered.

Water and Air Impermeability

  • The profiles were designed as to discharge rainwater to outdoors by formation of inclines and drainage channels on them. High endurance against rain was provided even on the high wind load.
  • The system did not leak any water inside and proved its high quality while under tests carried out with 600 Pa (110 km/h) wind load and 4 liters of rainwater per minute.
  • Water leak totally hindered with the triple sealing system.
  • Usage of wide mullion profile is providing a high performance and high wind loads even in the high-rise buildings, without need for any additional profiles suchlike grillage.

Heat Insulation

  • Elegance 80 system was designed to reach the highest values of heat insulation by taking into consideration the middle seal, reinforcement steel, number and location of chambers, and all points that form a heat bridge.
  • By blocking the flow of heat from indoors to outdoors in winter, and vice versa in summer, through a special frame and sash seals and triple middle sealing features it saves energy both in summer and winter.
  • In accordance with the standard TS EN ISO 10077-2, with a glass system of dimensions 1.23 m x 1.43 m, the following values have been achieved: Ug: 0.6 W/m2K, Uw: 0.91 W/m2K, and Uf: 1.02 W/m2K.

Sound Insulation

  • Because of the usage of acoustic glasses in Elegance 80 system, indoors environment quality is enhanced by providing high sound insulation values.
  • Elegance 80 series provides isolated and comfortable environments even in flats placed near highways and airports by maintaining sound insulation up to 40 dB levels.

The calculations were made by using a glass unit with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.6 W/m2 °K for a window with dimensions 1.23 m x 1.43m in accordance with the standard TS EN ISO 10077-2

Window Pattern Options

Golden Oak
Aluminium Brush Effect
Silver Brush Effect
Steel Blue
Dark Oak
Dark Green
Cream White
Eiche Rustical
Silver D (Silver Grey)
Smooth Antrasit