Number of
Profile Heat
Conductivity Coefficient
Window Heat
Conductivity Coefficient
A Grade 85 mm 7 Uf : 1,07 W/m2K Uw : 0,93 W/m2K
Air Permeability
Water Impermeability
Wind Load
Resistance Class
44 dB Class 4 Class 9A Class C3


Our understanding of living spaces and our life are changing rapidly. We strive to use time more efficiently and take care of making choices which will keep us from experiencing problems at our living spaces for years. Construction technology continues to shape itself on higher comfort and functionality. REDONIT 85 is a new series which takes PVC window and profile standards to a new level and meets all the requirements in durability, aesthetics, thermal and acoustic insulation criteria by exceeding all standards for prestigious projects. It was designed for more comfort via its superior heat and sound insulation features and is now presented to those who search for a new dimension in aesthetics. Through its Class A wall thickness, 7 chambered designs and three sealed system, the series is capable of providing maximum performance in thermal and acoustic insulation parameters under the harshest climate conditions. With 21 different color and pattern options, the Redonit Series is a system which goes beyond the standards for elite projects. The series also allows usage of different colors for the exterior and interior of buildings, in order to meet the decorative expectations. The Redonit system provides excellent acoustic insulation against the outdoor noise on which we become gradually more sensitive and ensures extra impermeability via its three sealed system. Redonit, a perfect window system for those who wish to enhance their quality of life, is now at your service.  


REDONIT 85 is a window system which suits the decorative needs of all modern projects through its range of 21 lamination colors. The architectural style of the building facades and interior environment allows the implementation of different laminate colors at indoor and outdoor environments. While the wood patterned colors capture the beauty of nature, different grey tones such as Aluminium Brush Effects and Anthracite, can provide you a consistent view of the aluminum facade.

System Properties

  • The Redonit system has a profile width of 85 mm.
  • All profiles in the system have Class A wall thickness.
  • It is designed to have 7 chambers.
  • All profiles of the system have three seals.
  • Since the seals are implemented by being integrated onto the profiles, the third seal becomes optional and may not be used unless desired.
  • It is possible to use glass units of up to 44 mm.
  • The Redonit system can be used under the harshest conditions and in the widest openings by means of its profile width, number of chambers and impermeability system.
  • It is compatible with 13 mm axis espagnolettes.
  • It was designed to conveniently provide solutions for all architectural technicalities through its detailed and auxiliary profiles.

Wind Load Resistance

  • The Redonit system was designed according to the safety of 3.000 Pa (245 km/h) wind load resistance and the strength of 600 Pa (110 km/h) water impermeability and has successfully passed these tests.
  • During the design process of the Redonit system, the maximum wind load values to which the buildings can be exposed were taken into the consideration; the structure of the reinforcement steel and their locations inside the profiles were designed in the most effective way.
  • System, whose detailed and grillage profiles provide solutions to meet the architectural needs, easily ensures the closure of the wide openings and necessary resistance values.
  • By its Class A Wall thickness and reinforcement steels, the system can meet the inertia values required against high wind loads.

Water and Air Impermeability

  • Thanks to its water drainage channels and sets designed to discharge the rainwater faster and in an easier way, it provides high resistance to water even at high wind loads.
  • The system did not leak any water inside and proved its high quality under tests carried out with 600 Pa (110 km/h) wind load and 4 liters of rainwater per minute.
  • Owing 3rd seal prevents indoor water leakage completely.

Heat Insulation

  • The Redonit system was designed to achieve the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient possible in window systems by means of superior features such as its 85 mm wide profiles, 7 chambers, and capacity for glass units up to 44 mm, suitable chamber widths and convenient profile heights.
  • The custom-designed frame, sash and third middle seal used in the system provides thermal insulation at maximum level and ensures the Redonit Series to be an investment which pays for itself by means of energy saving during the summer and winter.
  • In accordance with the TS EN ISO 10077-2 standard, the window system with the dimensions of 1,23 m x 1,43 m has achieved the values of Ug : 0,6 W/m2K, Uw : 0,93 W/m2K and Uf : 1,07 W/m2K.

Sound Insulation

  • Redonit 85 Series provides acoustic insulation with values up to 44 dB. Thus, the system makes it possible to attain an indoor sound level that accommodates a quality life, even in the noisiest environments.
  • The custom-design seal system of the Redonit 85 Series enables the series to achieve maximum values in acoustic insulation.
  • The sound insulation level to be acquired via acoustic glasses that can be used with the system isolates the noise of outdoors from indoors in the most efficient way.

Window Pattern Options

Golden Oak
Aluminium Brush Effect
Silver Brush Effect
Steel Blue
Dark Oak
Dark Green
Cream White
Eiche Rustical
Silver D (Silver Grey)
Smooth Antrasit