Fırat Plastik Kauçuk Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, was established in 1972 to carry out production in the field of plasticbuilding materials. Fırat, which always sets out with the principles of quality production and product diversity, has succeeded in becoming both the leading establishment of the sector and the export leader of the sector as a result of significant investments that have taken years.

In its production, Fırat targets various sectors such as construction, agriculture, automotive, medical, domestic appliances sectors with its plastic-based products. It realizes its production targeting those sectors in its modern factories in Büyükçekmece-İstanbul and Sincan-Ankara which have a total area that reaches 750,000 m2 with its expert staff and is one of three biggest plastic production complexes in Europe. Fırat, which adopted sustainability and producing more ecologic and innovative products in order to leave more livable environment to future generations, is the leader and pioneering company in pvc window sector. Fıratpen, the leading brand of Fırat in pvc window and door systems, provides innovative service with its rich product range via more than 500 sales points throughout Turkey. Fıratpen which meets the expectations of final

Fırat Manufacturing Facilities consumers, architects and engineers with product lines such as Redonit 85, Elegance 80, Elegance Selective 80, Selenit Selective 75, Selenit Strong 75, Selenit Selective Strong 75, Selenit 75, Power 75, Opal 70, Zenia Slide, , Mono-Block Roller Blinds, offerswindow systems suitable to every project. Fıratpen provides solutions with rich detailed and auxiliary profiles to non- standard architectural designs such as pivot, parallel sliding, folding window, guillotine and offers decorative alternatives to the living areas with 21 different color options. Fıratpen which carries out its profile production in accordance with the international EN, RAL and TSE norms, achieved top level quality inspection with FUDEL, the first accredited window laboratory in the sector.

Fırat believes that the most valuable element is human and always organizes in-service trainings with the aim of enhancing work experience of its employees and building up their corporate knowledge. With its

100% domestic capital, Fıratpen is the leading company drawing its strength from these lands. It invests in this country and heeds the national standing. It is success-oriented and protects the social responsibilities. It transforms information to technology for the development of its country and sector.