Fıratpen, which has been awarded the "Passive House Component Certificate" given by the German Passive House Institute (PHI), continues to produce for a more sustainable world by providing maximum energy savings with its Redonit 85 series.

Global problems such as climate crisis, environmental pollution, increasing energy costs and limited energy resources, have made the correct and efficient use of energy even more important in recent years. Today, the population of cities continues to increase with the effects of migration, industrialization and urbanization. With the increasing population, the resources used for heating and cooling buildings with insufficient insulation qualities increase our carbon footprint, and the damage to the environment grows exponentially.

The concept of “Passive House” offers an innovative architectural solution developed with all these sensitivities. “Passive houses” are not limited to heat saving; It is built with a holistic design that takes into account ecology, indoor air quality, acoustics, comfort and fire safety and similar factors and provides energy savings of up to 90% compared to old buildings and up to 75% compared to new buildings. Window-induced heat losses in buildings varying between 30-40% make windows with superior insulation properties more important.

"Passive House", a building standard used for comfortable, economical, environmentally friendly and energy efficient houses, is an environmentally friendly approach where a comfortable indoor environment can be achieved with maximum savings without active heating and cooling systems.

With its 85 mm profile width, 3-seal (middle seal) system and 7-chamber design, Redonit stands out as a qualified window that provides maximum insulation for innovative buildings by reaching Uf values of 0.95 W/m²K. (Uf: Profile Section Thermal conductivity coefficient)

The profile design of 85 mm width allows triple glazing to be applied, and low Ug values (Ug: Glass Thermal Conductivity Coefficient) increase the insulation power of Redonit. In buildings where Redonit is preferred, Uw values of 0.79 W/m²K are achieved with the combination of profile section and triple glass systems, and projects with high energy savings are successfully accomplished. (Uw: Window Thermal Conductivity Coefficient)

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