Environmental Declarations

Environmental Product Declaration

One of the operations we carried out within scope of sustainability is the “Environmental Product Declaration” pertaining to the products we manufacture in 2015. Our company is currently the first only firm in Turkey to have an Environmental Product Declaration for PVC Window and Door Profiles which are internationally approved in all markets and in compliance with European standards ( http://www.environdec.com/en/Detail/epd629#.VV2Zo_ntmko )

EPDs are described through ISO 14025 to be documents which quantitatively assess and declare the environmental performance of a product according to predefined categories (raw material output, energy usage and efficiency, material and chemical substance content, emissions to air, water and soil and waste production) on the basis of parameters that are specified in ISO 14040 series. These declarations, which are based on the ecological footprint of economic activities and various emission and waste values that arise during the production process within scope of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique, are documents that are impartially certified by international experts and valid throughout the world.

FIRAT is an international brand with the EPD documents it received within framework of sustainability and is the only company in Turkey within the sector to have its EPD documents registered in the ECO Platform in Europe.

ECO Platform is an international institution which registers EPD documents that are issued by ECO Platform-approved organizations in Europe (Metsims; http://www.metsims.com ), non-governmental organizations which represent the construction sector and LCA experts. The goal of ECO Platform is to ensure the development of construction products with certified environmental effect information, especially such as a Type III EPD document. EPD documents that are registered in ECO Platform can be used both in Europe and at an international level.

Climate Declarations

Another operation we undertook for the purpose of studying in our production processes the effects of global warming which has been very infamous recently and is known to lead to changes in the world’s climate system was the acquisition of “Climate Declarations”. FIRAT is the pioneer of its sector in this concern as well.

Climate Declarations are documents that specify the carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions arising from the life cycle processes of a product. These documents are issued on the basis of the results of life cycle assessment studies which are performed as per ISO 14025 ( http://www.environdec.com/en/Detail/epd604#.VV2Zo_ntmko )