PVC Window Components
  • Pvc profile
  • Reinforcement sheet
  • Seal
  • Fittings
  • Accessories
  • Assembly materials
  • Glass
  • Extras
  • Workmanship

The above mentioned factors directly affect the quality of the pvc window and door systems more or less.

PVC Profile

The first and most significant condition to manufacture high quality pvc joinery / window is to use high quality pvc profile. It is required to use pvc profiles which meet the requirements of the standards, do not cause any problems during the application and manufacture technically, provide demanded insulation values, have wide use and international quality certificates. Pvc profiles which meet these criteria is the prerequisite for a pvc joinery meeting the standards.

Reinforcement Sheet

The biggest benefit of the reinforcement sheet to the pvc window is to build the window framework and increase the strength. In addition, it has benefits such as preventing the shape of the structure from thermal changes, enabling assembly strength and connection etc. Reinforcement sheet suitable for the shape of the PVC Profile should be used and a piece of reinforcement sheet to each meter of every main profile possible should not be neglected in PVC joinery. Currently, no other product to completely replace metal reinforcement sheets has not been developed yet.


The most effective insulation material used in PVC door and window systems is the seal. EPDM rubber and TPE plastic-based seals are currently used.


Fittings in the Pvc door and window systems gain importance based on the geometrical figures and locations of the door and windows. In the group of the fittings comprised of screws and connection buffers, metal (zamak alloy) materials, which are not affected by climatic and corrosive factors and which are coated and high wear resistant, should be used.


Accessories are the mechanisms which constitute moving parts and provide to create movement in the Pvc door and window systems. It is required to prefer systems which have quality certificates, high corrosion resistance and ease of use. Measurement criteria must be strictly observed.

Assembly Materials

Assembly materials enable PVC joinery to be correctly mounted to the wall and function properly. Materials which are durable and will not create strength vulnerability over time should be preferred.


Glass forms the largest part in the PVC door and window systems in terms of area. It is the most efficient element for heat and sound insulation. It is required to use glasses which do not ruin the architectural structure, impose load on the system, enable the movement to be properly completed and have quality certificates. Preference of “Double glazing synergy” and “double glazing comfort” is increased as they provide heat and sound insulation particularly in the double-glazing systems.


Extras are all other requests of the final consumer which are added to the PVC door and window systems and which provide visual improvement and performance increase.


One of the factors affecting the quality in PVC window systems is workmanship and assembly. While it is possible to produce a pretty poor pvc joinery - plastic window from first quality pvc profile, it is also possible to produce a good pvc joinery from poor pvc profile.