With “Always Pioneer Always Leader” motto, all pvc and profile series of Fırat which exhibited Selenit 75, Redonit 85, Elegance 80, Zenia Slide, Garnet 70, Opal 70 and new export series have attracted considerable attention by sector representatives, architects and contractors. Selenit 75 which has a 75 mm width of frame and sash, a 6 chambered design and optional triple seal system and Class A wall thickness, Zenia Slide which ensures each region in Turkey to experience sliding comfort by providing 100% insulation with EPDM Seal on all points, Opal 70 which launches a new era in window aesthetics with oval designs, Redonit 85 which has a 85 mm frame width, a 7 chambered design and Class A wall thickness, Garnet 70 which launches a new era in the series of Elegance 80 and 70 with 80 mm frame and sash width, a design of triple seal, welcomed their visitors. “Trend colors” section was the another attraction center of the stand with its 21 different color options. Fırat dealers which can supply this year’s trend colors anthracite, trompet, cedar and anteak in the same time as other colors closely examined the new aluminum handle series. On the last day, a famous musician Sarper Semiz who visited our stand in which we have welcomed several visitors from particularly Middle East and North African countries, ensured to experience pleasant moments on Fırat stage. Hope to meet again with greater innovations in pvc window sector in 2018.