Selenit Series, designed at the highest level of aestheticism, power and performance standards, is the new window of modern era. Design and development of Selenit series are appropriately in harmony with prevailed fashion culture of present and spirit of past times.

Selenit is ready to become the leading series in the sector with its features such as;

  • 75 millimeter frame and sash width
  • 6-chambered design
  • Sound insulation values of up to 43 dB
  • 3000 Pa (245 km/h) wind load resistance
  • Capacity to support triple-glass windows of up to 44 millimeters
  • Optional Class A profile thickness
  • Color range of 21 options
  • 1,02 W/m2 K profile thermal insulation value, and
  • 0,94 W / m2 K window thermal insulation value.

The first to take the floor during the launching seminar of Selenit was Professor İlhan Erdoğan, who has been serving Fırat as a consultant for nearly 20 years. Mr. Erdoğan, who put emphasis during his presentation on the current approaches and changing customer behaviors in marketing, yielded the floor to Doctor Nevzat Demir, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fırat Plastik. Mr. Demir stressed the fact that the Fırat Family is a big and powerful family together with its dealership organization and employees and relayed the importance of sustainability in institutions. Mr. Demir then invited Doctor Mehtap Uluceviz, who has been a senior manager in the planning, information technologies, production and marketing departments of Fırat for approximately 20 years, to the stage and remarked on the previous achievements of her by deigning upon her contributions as a “project manager” to the Kıbrıs Water Supply Project which was launched on 17.10.2015.

By producing 160 HDPE pipes of 500 meters each, Fırat made its mark in the world history of plastic pipes and completed the production process, which would only have been finished by its European competitors in 5 years, in a time as short as 1 year while saving 50 million US dollars at the same time.

In the second part of the seminar, motion picture and stage actor Ufuk Özkan hosted the competition “Bayiler Yarışıyor” (Dealers Contest). This event, in which dealers endeavored to win by giving the correct answer to questions about Selenit, was quite pleasant and enjoyable. The seminar ended after the leading dealers of 2014 were presented with their awards and a “Family Photo” was taken. Fıratpen, which spent the next day by striving to become a champion in the competition Survivor with the participation of Yavuz Seçkin, encountered a surprise with a performance from Kubat during the gala dinner for Fıratpen, Winhouse and Gedizpen dealers.